Worship Services

Sundays at 10am (eastern time)

Tuesdays... Faith Explosion Service at 7pm

KIMM (Kingdom Invested Marriage Ministry) Quarterly

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Location: 5880 Lee Rd South

Maple Heights, Ohio 44137

Church Office: 216-797-1607.

Hours of Operation:

Tuesdays - Fridays 9am - 3pm.

Our Leaders

Bishop Kevin Simmons     
     Bishop Simmons teaching the people

Bishop Kevin Simmons is the founder and pastor of Word of Faith Christian Center located in Euclid, Ohio. He serves nearly 275 members and the Euclid community and surrounding cities and reaching more daily.As mandated by God, Bishop Simmons' vision is to teach the principles of God reaching the lost and equipping them with the necessary tools to walk in the character and likeness of God. Word of Faith is a transformation chamber that through his practical teachings equips God's people to not only experience a transformed life but to also reach out into their communities and have a great impact on the kingdom of God. He teaches that all things begin and end with God and His Word is the final authority in the lives of people. If you seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all things will be added unto you.Bishop Kevin Simmons is the husband of Kim Simmons, and the father of 5 beautiful children, Jarrmar, Irvin, Kevin, Keith and Kaiyana. To God be the glory for all he is doing in the lives of his people.

Kim Simmons, affectionately known as 'Lady K', is the wife and co-founder of Word of Faith Christian Center. She assists her husband in teaching the principles of God. Lady K founded a women's ministry called 'Phenomenal Woman Ministry' in April of 2007. Her vision is to build, uplift, equip and encourage women to recognize their God given value and self worth. Lady K teaches women that their self worth comes from within. It comes from knowing and appreciating who you are and whose you are. She believes if you value yourself, you will lift a standard that will draw others to value you as well. Lady K teaches women to pray and make paths for other women, opening doors for each person to partake in the life God predestined for them.

Kim Simmons is the wife of Bishop Kevin Simmons and the mother of 5 jewels, Jarrmar, Irvin, Kevin, Keith and Kaiyana.